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We make every effort to provide our customers with the best-handcrafted and high-quality bags. Please note that all our processes to make the bags are done by hand, from curing, cutting, and treating the leather to using hand-loomed huipils. Our bags have natural characteristics and qualities that should not be considered as flaws or as damage because they do not interfere with the functionality of the bag. Occasionally you may find snags in the hand-loomed fabric pattern. If your huipil fabric snags, you can snip the loose threads with scissors, if you pull on the thread it can compromise the integrity of the woven fabric and further damage your product.


Tia Sadie will gladly assist in repairs within 14 days from receiving your purchase. Such repairs include buckles, zippers, fixtures and straps. Damages that are acquired from wear are not covered in our policy.  Please email our customer service , along with images of the damage so we can determine the nature of the damage. Include your name, order confirmation and date, style of the bag and a brief description of the issue. After 14 days, Tia Sadie will no longer assume responsibility for repairs of your product.


Tia Sadie is not responsible for damages that may occur during care for merchandise; including but not limited to conditioning washing, drying and/or dry cleaning.




Ways you can prolong the life of your purchase are:


Scotch Guard your bag with a weather protectant spray. This is a great way to protect the  hand-loomed Huipil fabric, full grain leather as well as nuboc leather. Not only is a weather protectant spray great for maintaining hydration for the leather, you will also protect your one-of-a-kind Huipil fabric from spills and water damage.


Leather lotion is a great product for cleaning and hydrating your full grain leather. Our leathers will  naturally age with a nice patina finish, but if you wish to keep your product with a glossed aesthetic, the lotion will put that shine back into the leather.  Leather lotions are are also a great way to remove dirt, pen stains and any other marks that can occur with wear. It is best to test out your lotion on a small section of leather before you use it. Oil based products and leather balms will darken the leather, and alter the color of your leather so it is best to test a small section before applying any care products to your leather.