our bags are handmade using leather tanned and dyed in traditional methods in order to maintain its natural beauty and soft feel. Variations in color and texture are Normal. Through use the leather will Attain a Natural Gloss or shine often referred to as Patina. It may also darken due to use from oils in our skin or Oxidization from sunlight. we advise keeping your bag out of direct sunlight, heat, and humidity. Be mindful dyes from clothing or liquids could transfer and potentially stain or damage the leather. Due to the Natural process of these items we can only suggest you are careful with your purchase.

There are many different and conflicting definitions of leather grades, but below is what we feel is the most sensible way to classify leather as a modern consumer.

All Tia Sadie Items are handmade with hand woven textiles and full grain leather unless other wise mentioned in details of items.



The term full-grain refers to leather that hasn’t been sanded or buffed out to remove marks or imperfections, so it includes the entire thickness of the skin. While sanding these out may make the leather more visually appealing to some, keeping the grain allows for additional material strength and durability.This is the upper layer of a hide which is split into layers. This outer layer will show natural scars and hair cell patterns if left as uncorrected natural grain.  hides can be dyed and tanned & given various protective finishes. This also allows for the natural beauty to be revealed.  Working with this leather material is challenging. It absorbs body oils and develops a patina over time – a characteristic that attributes to its popularity. This is the leather Tia Sadie uses when creating our bags.



Second on the list, and the second-highest quality, top-grain leather has the split layer with imperfections taken away, making it thinner and more workable for the manufacturer. This is the most common type of leather used in high-end products you’ve likely seen it everywhere.

This leather has had its surface sanded and a finish applied, giving it a “smooth” feel. While this finish takes away most breathability, it prevents stains that would otherwise sink into full-grain leather. Tia Sadie will use Top Grain for some items, It will be clarified in the "details".


Simply put, corrected-grain or “genuine” leather has had an artificial grain applied to its surface. For those of you who are looking for high-quality leather goods, this would be a negative. The leather-like pattern is impressed into the surface and then sprayed with stain or dyes to give the fake grain a more natural appearance.BONDED LEATHER “THE PRESSED WOOD OF LEATHER”

Nubuck Suede:

This Full Grain layer of the skin is given a suede effect by lightly sanding the natural grain to open the hair cell and results in a velvety suede feel. This is also correcting imperfections in the natural grain and although soft to the touch, it is a sensitive effect. Care must be taken against soiling or staining as it is very difficult if not impossible to clean afterward. Tia Sadie will use Nubuck suede for some items, It will be clarified in the "details".

Bonded leather: 

leather remnants and scraps are ground up and recycled. In these types of leather the fiber particles are bonded with adhesive into a fabric followed by the application of a synthetic grain, hair-cell pattern and finish. This material will have a suede back and looks of smooth Full Grain leather , while it is essentially Particle board leather. it is comprised of at least 51% leather fiber, it is represented as “Genuine leather” and utilized in many low priced products. Tia Sadie Will not and does not ever use this grade of leather.