About Us

Tia Sadie is an ethical fashion brand that partners with artisans in Guatamala to design beautiful handbags and accessories.

The people of Guatemala are the inspiration for the company. We are passionate about creating sustainable business practices and relationships with the community and families that we work with in Guatemala.

We are intentionally thoughtful about every single step in our production process, and how that impacts the artisans that we support.

Our Founder

Sadie Tidland-Naith is a professional stylist, philanthropist and the Founder of Tia Sadie. Since 2016, Sadie has been spending a few weeks of every year volunteering her skills to the community of Sumpango, Guatemala. She works closely with the local orphanage to provide haircuts for the children who are HIV positive. Her bond with the children and nuns grew quickly and they took to calling her “tia,” which in Spanish means aunt. This incredible community is what inspired Sadie to launch Tia Sadie in 2017.

Our Designs

Tia Sadie provides fair trade handmade huipil bags hecho en Guatemala. We have partnered with local artisans to bring our bags to life.Our designs include large day bags, laptop cases, small day bags, clutches and pillows. Each piece is handmade from quality and ethically sourced materials including full grain leather, artisan fabric and lots of special little details. Our bags are more than just a stylish accessory. They are a simple way to create a positive impact on under-served communities, and to celebrate the artisans who dedicate their lives to creating beautiful things.

noun the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
-a kind act.
”My religion is simple. My religion is kindness.”
— Tenzin Gyasto The 14th Dalai Lama

Our Mission

We provide, handmade with love, Artisan fabric and One of a kind huipiles to our customers who resonate with the story behind our designs. Proving you can do good, while looking good.

- All of our fabrics are ethically sourced

- Artisans are paid a fair wage for their work

- We ensure artisans healthy work environments

- 10% of proceeds are donated to the community

Tia Sadie is thoughtfully intentional about every step of our production process, and how it impacts the artisans we support.