Since 2016 Sadie Tidland-Naith has been volunteering her skills as a hairstylist to the community of sumpango, Guatemala. Sadie is originally from the Pacific northwest and now lives in San Diego with her Husband and fur children. Her carerer as a hairstylist lead her to guatemala to donate her services to rural areas throughout the country. on her initial trip with her family she was introduced by her nephew. because her bond with the community grew quickly they took to calling her "tia sadie”. the community and guatemala is the passion and drive behind Tia Sadie.   

what We DO:

the Tia Sadie project fair traded handmade huipil bags made in Guatemala. We have partnered with local artisans to bring our bags to life. many of the huipils are sourced through the country using vintage bespoke garments that are upcyled and repurpoesed into our crafted bags. Tia Sadie projects responsibility is creating sustainable business practices and relationships with the community and families that we work with in Guatemala.  We provide, handmade with love, Artisan fabric and One of a kind huipiles to our customers who resinate with fair traded and socially responsible practices.  Proving you can do good, while looking good.



Tia Sadie

the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
-a kind act.
”My religion is simple. My religion is kindness.”
— Tenzin Gyasto The 14th Dalai Lama

**we believe a part of our responsiblity is to educate our customer on the authenticity of the meaning "FAIRTRADE" or "fair Trade"  As an Owner who Practices These methods within our business and realationships we want to be very clear we are not certified Fairtrade. We have begun the process for our certification to be able to proudly hold this title. We always encourage you to educate your self as the consumer to help you make the best ethical choice for you.**